About us

AyitiX  is dedicated to bringing high-quality accredited education to the Caribbean region, in an array of languages and topics. We achieve this by collaborating with universities, educational platforms, and educators that are passionate to share their knowledge. We aim to achieve excellence in our courses by collaborating with experts in various fields of study.

Our X campus is built on a fully interactive platforms that supports instructor-led courses,

Interactive forums and discussion boards with video conferencing capabilities.

We provide our students and learners the skills and resources they need to become social innovators and partners in the development of Haiti and the Caribbean

Our Mission

We are an evolutionary educational institution with a goal of expanding accessibility to quality education in Haiti and the Caribbean. Offering a diverse range of fully interactive professional courses. Our learning experience is value-based and emphasizes personal and intellectual development.


Our Vision

At AyitiX our vision is not only to provide quality education to our students but also embolden them to be better leaders, citizens and friends of the World.